So to all my clients, readers, and friends, thanks for bearing with me on the delay! I wanted to get this new site to you as soon as possible, but have been swamped with work! Very grateful to have new clients who are understanding and work with me on helping their business objectives become realities.  So a lot of new content and features on this site, as opposed to my old site.  Please look around and get a feel for the site, especially if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur I would like you to have this become a resource and tool for you as you consider the legal aspects that touch upon your trade or industry.

As always, I am appreciative of meeting new clients and remember the initial consultation is always free up to an hour, and I am happy to meet with you in-person, talk to you over the phone, or type up a thoughtful email.

Please enjoy my new website and its content.



P.S. Some functions and features are disabled at this point and will be rolled out later. Also pardon some of the graphical errors, as I am also my own graphic designer for a lot of the pictures you see on the site. Bear with me as I fix the kinks.




Dear clients, readers, and friends I am letting you know that starting next week I will begin migrating content from to This represents a disruption in my posting schedule and you will not see new content from me on both sites (old and new) for 2 weeks.

While I realize that may seem simple, I assure you that my friends in the tech community have long advised that I do this and my awesome IT and web management crew are working hard to do it as soon as possible. Expect to see a better user experience, which means more resources and content to be useful for small business and startup owners.

In the meantime, please continue following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, as I will be doing frequent updates through those social media avenues - I will be doing another speaking event soon, so please follow, as it will be a good one.

Finally, I would like to say that has been a great home to my website and blog for over a year. I highly recommend those of you starting a business to do a blog and a website if you are not savvy enough, and start here, as they make it easy and accessible. It has definitely made my practice better and gives me a unique voice in the crowded field of legal services.

So I will see you all soon again and please favorite, bookmark, subscribe, or just write a note to yourself to in the future go to